Our Sponsors

Liberty City Optimist Club of Florida is a small component in mass poverty-stricken environment. Our goal at Liberty City is to impact the youth in the most positive way.  Although, we receive funds and they appear plentiful, we lack funds to produce services in many areas. Kids who have filtered through our program is less likely to drop out of Highschool because we instill the importance of education. The graduation rate in Liberty City area is less than 50%, approximately 9% of the community goes to college. The true work of Liberty City Optimist Club, the heart of what we do lies fittingly at the center of our goal. We strive to bring the best out of kids, an environment that allows them to release those troubles outside, be a kid and have fun. We motivate our children to do well in all areas of life, respect themselves and others, providing the means to excel in the classroom with tutoring for those who struggle.

As a business, your involvement with us is an opportunity to receive exposure and to join other individuals , organizations and coalitions in our community;  educating our inner city youth about opportunities past high school, give our adolescent youth opportunities and experiences far beyond their expectation, cultivate new interest, promote prevention efforts to remain a positive individual in the community.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

The Liberty City Optimist Club is available to all, without regard to race, color, origin, gender, political affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, or religion. The Liberty City Optimist Club is a US tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID Number: 65-0229340). Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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